Year: 2000

Caption: "Chuckie, why do you think they call 'em growed-ups?"
Want your kids to grow? The calcium in milk helps your bones grow strong. So give them a tall glass. Then move the cookie jar to the next shelf.

Copyright: "Nickelodeon, RUGRATS and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. RUGRATS created by ARLENE KLASKY, GABOR CSUPO and PAUL GERMAIN. Copyright 2000 by PARAMOUNT PICTURES and VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. All Rights Reserved."

Locations:Newsweek - Nov. 27, 2000
Entertainment Weekly - Nov. 24, 2000
US Weekly - Nov. 20, 2000
Better Homes & Gardens - Dec. 2000
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