India Daniels
Year: 1997

Caption: Some of us drink skim milk for the calcium and other nutrients. But most of us drink it 'cause it's fat-free. Me? I drink it because it's downright tasty. Whatever the reason, one thing's certain. If you want a body "to die for," skim milk can help. Besides, the little cartons really come in handy on those "Nothing-to-Wear" days.

Copyright: "This milk mustache model isn't a celeb… yet. She's India J. Daniels, 16, of Clinton, MD, and she won the "Mad About Milk" contest in seventeen by creating this original milk caption - and way-cool dress! INDIA J. DANIELS"

Locations:Seventeen - May 1997
Seventeen - Aug. 1997
Seventeen - Sept. 1997
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"all the milkads that are fit to print [dh]"