Naomi Campbell
Year: 1995

Caption: You're probably going to hate me, but I've never dieted a day in my life. Being so busy, I usually just grab something real quick. Which is why I love milk. 1% lowfat. With all the same nutrients as whole milk, it's just what my body needs. Well, that and a closet full of ultrashort, supertight, little black dresses.

Copyright: "Naomi Campbell"

Locations:Entertainment Weekly - Feb. 17, 1995
Teen - Aug. 1995
Family Circle - Feb. 21, 1995
Better Homes & Gardens - Feb. 1995
Family Fun - Apr. 1995
Health - May/June 1995
Ladies Home Journal - Feb. 1995
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"all the milkads that are fit to print [dh]"